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8321 Princess; Queen; Pure; Lady; …• Premjot - The light of love• Veer - A brave person• Charanpreet - One who loves the Lord's Lotus Feet• Chamkaur - battle field where Guru Gobind Singh fought• Parbeen - Capable, skilful, efficient• Brahmdev - God's exalted angel• Gurpal - One whose caretaker is the Guru• Satbachan - The one abiding by the Holy Word• Gunpreet - The lover of excellences• Satveer - Bravely upholding the Truth• Uttamjot - The exalted, divine light• Tegbir - The brave warrior wielding the sword• Sajjan - A dear friend, a righteous person• 1944 God; Sun; Bird; Strength; Desired; …• Himmat - The one who strives, makes effort• Sachveer - Bravely upholding the Truth• Ujaagar - Famous, renowned person• Harsukh - Peaceful through dwelling on God• Brahmleen - Absorbed in God's Love• Get popular Indian origin sikh child names, sikh baby girl names ideas, list of sikh girl child names along with its meaning.

Top 10 traditional Sikh baby names

Ramdeep - Lamp of All-Pervading God• Gyanpreet meaning "one who has the divine knowledge of the heavens.

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Khushpreet - Loving and delightful• Mandeep - Light of sages• 657 Sign; Fasting Woman; Brave Caste …• Sujan - Wise, of exalted knowledge• Channan - Full of fragrance like sandalwood• Bhupinder - The king of kings• Amardeep - The lamp of immortality• Namgeet - One whose life is the song of Naam• Some people say that Names have a significant effect on the babies development and personality.

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Hamreet Beloved of god; Friend of god• Paramgeet - The highest song of Bliss• Satnam - One accepting God's Being as True• Takhat - Mster of the empire• 984 Mark; Sign; Proof; Sign of God's …• Jai - The victorious one• Gurbakhsh - Blessed with Guru's Grace• " Popular Sikh Baby Boy Names Here's a list of Punjabi names for boys that resonate with strength and power.

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Bhagwant - One whose heart is full of loving devotion• Jaswant - Worthy of praise• Haspira meaning "as bright as the evening star.

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Fazilnoor meaning "the divine light of the superior.

Top 10 traditional Sikh baby names

Ujjalroop - A pure and beauteous person• Gurshant - Attaining peace through the Word of the Guru• " This is one of the most common Sikh names.

3400+ Sikh Baby Names

Namdev - A godly person absorbed in Naam• Uttamjodh - The exalted warrior• Gurnam - One who meditates on Guru's Word• Upinder meaning "the love of God.

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Sarableen - One who prevades in all• Ramleen - One absorbed in God• Gatleen - Merged in freedom• Keerat - One who sings glories of God• Kajalla meaning "one who is as strong as iron.

Top 10 traditional Sikh baby names

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